Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 2 - Western Samoa to Fiji

LATITUDE: 15-18.14S; LONGITUDE: 176-26.61W
Miles traveled in 24 hours: 135
Miles to Savu Savu, Fiji: 285 (almost half way!)

First, I want to wish my wonderful sister, Becky, Happy Birthday. Thanks for always making me laugh. I love you, Bexs!

Now, back to sailing. We had a great sailing day - 24 hours of good wind, blue skies, and fairly calm seas. It was amazing. A few clouds gathered around us last night, so we prepped for a squall, but nothing. The clouds just sailed on by us. Yeah - 2 dry days in a row!

Today, is a little bumpier and a little cloudier, but so far - another good day of sailing. Hope it continues through the night.

It is definitely getting cooler the farther we head South. We both had jackets on last night and I am going to be wearing my socks tonight. We are a couple of whimps for sure!

And a sailing funny: Last night, while Doug was sleeping, a Boobie bird tried to land on our wind generator - unsuccessfully because it was spinning fast. I yelled at him and tried to chase him away from the boat. Then, the Boobie tried to land on our lower spreaders. I grabbed the flashlight and was shining it at him and yelling some more. I think I blinded the poor Boobie. Next thing I know, he is sliding down the shrouds and hit the deck - ouch. All this excitement woke Doug. He grabs my leg to get my attention, I scream some more and lose track of the Boobie. So, I have know idea if he fell in the water or flew off, but hope he is all right.

Poor Boobie - he won't ever try to land on Moondance again. It is a scary place!

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