Monday, August 12, 2013

The Bar Fight

Well, we weren't even in Samoa a day before we found some trouble - not intentionally of course!

It was early in the day and we were relaxing in the RSA bar drinking our jug/pitcher of Vailima. One nice gentlemen stopped by our table and brought us 2 bags of chips "Welcome to Samoa" he said and left. Very nice
of him, plus the chips were tasty.

The next gentlemen (Fisherman) pulled up a chair and started visiting with us. There was a little bit of a communication gap, plus he was a little drunk, but we did our best. Then it got a little weird. He started saying that he loved me and other strange stuff, plus didn't like me wandering off talking to other people. Doug and the waitress asked him to leave, but he didn't.

Another gentlemen (FedEx Man) pulled up a chair and after a bit, we figured out that he was trying to warn us about Fisherman. Plus, we chatted about family and adventures. He was very nice.

So, we decided to move up to the bar next to FedEx Man and finish our beer. Well, Fisherman decided to come to the bar too, but stayed at the other end, so we were ok.

We were getting ready to leave when we stopped by a table with several handsome young men. It turns out that they are dancers that perform local dances at the Aggie Grey's Hotel - that's a show everyone says we have to see. Well, while we were chatting with the young men, things got wild behind us at the bar. It appears that Fisherman threw his beer at FedEx Man. By the time we turn around, Fisherman is on the ground and FedEx Man is standing over him ready to hit him with a chair - it all happened so fast.

The Aggie Grey dancers, instantly positioned themselves between us and the fight - we really appreciated them protecting us!

Next, Security Guard comes rushing in and breaks things up. We decide that it is time to go and Security Guard and the rest of our friends hustle us out of the bar and put us in a cab and back to the marina we go - safe and sound back on Moondance.

Just goes to show you that there are wonderful people everywhere watching out for us, plus a few crazies that will try to avoid in the future!

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Anessa Collins said...

WOW! I guess there are assholes all over the world! Hope you got our birthday note! Happy, healthy, adventurous year to you. Miss you!

Sarah and Darrell said...

Always right in the middle of things - glad it turned out well! BTW - your photos of the crabs are outstanding!