Sunday, August 4, 2013

It is that time again...

Yup, it is time to pack up Moondance and leave Suwarrow tomorrow morning for Apia, Western Samoa (Sam o a). We have been here over a week all ready and we have had a wonderful time. Suwarrow is a very special place. Plus, we have met some wonderful cruisers from all over the world - France, Holland, Luxemburg and the good ol' USA. There were about 20 boats here this morning, now there is less.

You know how we are always saying it is a small world - even out here in the middle of the ocean? We proved it again! One of the boats that pulled in this week was Mazu with Mel and Elaine aboard. They were our boat neighbors in La Cruz, Mexico, back in 2011. They invited us over for Happy Hour and we had a great time catching up and swapping stories. They have a beautiful 46' Outbound - with a washing machine - luxuries!

With so many boats in the lagoon, Rangers Harry and Charlie decided to throw a BBQ/potluck on shore. Lots of great food, plus live entertainment. Harry played his guitar and sang and Charlie danced and entertained. Plus, demonstrated the Haka - the Maori war dance. It was pretty impressive.

Moondance is pretty much out of all the good stuff, but we have been able to barter/exchange for the important stuff - like beer and diet coke. Cruisers are great about sharing.

Evergreen left this morning for American Samoa. Hopefully, we will meet up with them again in Western Samoa. If not, Fiji for sure. We are going to miss traveling with them.

Our trip to Apia will be 4 overnighters - we should be there on Friday morning. We will be staying at a marina surrounded by bars and restaurants and grocery stores - civilization. It will be a treat!

It looks like the winds and waves are pretty light now, but supposed to start building tomorrow and we are hoping for a nice easy passage. Of course, we are always hoping for perfect conditions. We shall see.

CONGRATULATIONS to Kara and Aaron on their wedding. So very happy for them and wishing them many wonderful years together. Can't wait to see the pictures!

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