Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 2 - Suwarrow ,Cook Islands to Apia, Western Samoa

LATITUDE: 13-36.81S; LONGITUDE: 167-32.03W
Miles traveled in 24 hours: 145
Miles to Apia: 244 (over half way there - should arrive Friday)

Tired of those foulies!

After 2 days and nights of rain, we were glad to see the sunshine this morning and dry out our foulies - they were getting stinky! Last night wasn't too bad though - light rains and good wind. Just so dark - no stars or moon to light the way. Just ol' Moondance sailing by.

Crew is doing fine - just a little tired. The seas (as usual) are a little lumpy, so we have been trying to find a comfortable place to sleep. Sometimes that isn't easy.

Tired crew usually means an interesting assortment of food coming out of the galley. We have the traditional Hawaiian Mac-n-Cheese with Spam of course, or Tomato soup filled with left over risotto, or this mornings breakfast burritos made with Thrive powdered eggs and spinach and bacon. So, it isn't gourmet, but we aren't starving. Sure wish we had Diet Coke on board though - a nice treat for those late night watches.

Doug has is first meal in Apia all ready planned - a big cheeseburger. That does sound pretty good - especially if it comes with an ice cold beer.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying your summer!

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