Monday, April 1, 2013

Moondance is back in the water - safe!

And it was fast - hauled out of the water on Thursday; back in the water on Monday.  Of course, fast doesn't mean cheap.

You have to pay for the haul out/haul in; lay days; plus the actual work.
Humpies off of Waikiki

Like having the bottom sanded and painted, replacing the cutlass bearing, and the really expensive part (drum roll please) replacing 9 seacocks. Ouch!

But, it had to be done. Our seacocks were over 30 years old and we were afraid to touch them (not good).
Ready for haul out

Keehi Marine Center was very professional and took good care of us.

Restrooms, but no shower facilities, and a mini-mart with a really old grumpy guy - avoid him.
The spooky part!

Bonus - L&L Drive Inn (close by) has wonderful egg and bacon (tons of bacon) breakfast sandwiches for $3.40.  Worth a stop!

La Mariana Sailing Club is close by:  food ok; drinks ok; service very slow... But, we had a great time celebrating with our dock buddies!

Burgee party at La Mariana
We were satisfied with the work that MRM services did on our bottom and thru-hulls.

They worked all weekend to get us back in the water and Moondance didn't leak - yeah!
Back in our slip

Glad we can cross that off the list and get busy on the rest of the stuff.

We are very grateful for having our friend's boat to stay on during all of this, plus their vehicle.  It made life so much easier and less stressful. 

Thanks Ed and Karen!

And now, the really good news, I am retired - again. 

Life just keeps getting better and better and our sailing date closer and closer - oh my!


Jackie Smith said...

Congrats on your most recent retirement! Life is Good, isn't it?

Behan Gifford said...

Nine seacocks, ouch is right!! We have a haulout coming soon... somehow it's been over 5 years... wow. Love the R&RYC burgees. :)

Phil and Lorraine said...

Good to have the work done and not having any leaks. Where do you plan to go from here? We're up in Cleveland area in Ohio, so even with the long winter, we're getting the boat ready to go into the water April 22nd, which is the first step to cruising again.

S/V Changes

Sarah and Darrell said...

More good times ahead for you two. Looking forward to seeing where you two lovebirds go next. Smooth Seas and Fair Winds wherever you sail.
El Tiburon