Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Is bigger really better?

Hope so - cause we just spent a lot of money upgrading our anchor!

The new Rocna
Our new anchor - a Rocna 33kg = 73 lbs.

Our old anchor - a Bruce "type" = 44 lbs.

That's a big difference and should really keep us from dragging (piece of mind). 

We chose the Rocna because:
  • Design allowed us to go bigger - it fit on our anchor roller.
  • Known for "superior" holding 
  • Plus the price was right with Doug's West Marine discount!
Of course, we still have to figure out how and what to deploy for our second/back up anchor.  But I know that Doug will make it happen.

Big event tomorrow! 

Sailing/motoring down to Keehi Marine Center to be hauled out for bottom maintenance.  A fresh coat of paint and new thru-hulls - Moondance will be good to go.

Great friends we have!  Some have "volunteered" to make the trip with Doug; others have offered us their boat to sleep in, plus their van for transportation. 

What a wonderful group!


Jackie Smith said...

Can you believe how quickly March is passing by? You'll soon be off on your Pacific adventure and we'll be starting our Greek 'ferry' tale. . . excitement builds for us all.

Crit said...

Once you get used to it you will wonder how you ever got along without it!!! I LOVE mine!!!

Tracy and Bill said...

So happy you went with Rocna, we love ours, it is wonderful to sleep while the anchor is doing it's thing. The only time we drug was in Tuvalu on a thin layer of coral rubble over a hard coral bed, then we hooked on a coral bommie.