Thursday, April 11, 2013

Making progress!

It's been a bit of a blur, but we are making some progress. Here is what we have been up to!
Hope we never have to use it!
 Life rafts are expensive, but necessary.

We had to get ours recertified, which was interesting and informative.

They unpacked it and blew it up.  Now they are checking everything and replacing all the expired water, food, and other products.  All for about $1400 - ouch!

We were excited to see that it worked - good to know!

How many people....
Our new forestay is in place - thanks to the help from our dock buddies.

Now, Doug is re-fitting and servicing the furling system - making sure everything works.

Next, we get to raise the jib.  Almost a sailboat again!

Splicing new halyards

One of the benefits of working at West Marine - great discounts on line.

Doug has been replacing all of our dock lines and halyards.  The new halyards are Endura, which Doug is learning how to splice.

Supposed to be stronger, smaller, and lighter weight. Hope so!
Medical kit - oh my

I have been overwhelmed - organizing our medical kits and ditch bag. There is too much stuff, too many things to plan for, plus too much data to sift through.

But, I am getting close!
When Pigs Fly!

Doug is still working on the re-bedding project. Trying to plug all the leaks before we head out. Plus lots and lots of shopping.

Our list is getting shorter, but we have a long way to go.

We are still shooting for the first of May. Wish you were all here to help!


Jon said...

Hey guys awesome progress! I am sending Melanie back y'alls way tomorrow. Please take good care of her! Jon

Jon said...

Guys awesome progress. I am sending Melanie back y'alls way tomorrow. Please take care of her! I will see you on the back side! Sail Safe! Jon

Dan & Sandra said...

From JoJa: The ends justify the means!

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how many things are on that boat and I don`t even know their purpose do keep a long list on whats whats Love Mom