Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Plan

Well, The "as far as we know right now" Plan!
Hawaii to Fiji - with lots of stops along the way!
Looks like short hops, huh? Except for the first one - it is about 10 days sailing to Fanning. Fortunately, it is supposed to be a downwind sail (going with the wind - better!).  And, we won't be in a hurry. We are going to enjoy the adventure and see as many places we can - probably our only chance. The best part of cruising - no schedule.  Well, except that weather thing! Thanks to friends on Tao for letting us copy their route!
Inventory Time

Love these sunsets!
So, the work on Moondance continues.

We are inventorying every locker and making our lists - and definitely checking them twice.
Who would have thought that a cruising boat needed so much stuff?  But, it does!  Especially when you are heading to remote destinations.

We have definitely changed.  It used to be hard to shed personal items, clothing, toys, etc..  It is definitely getting easier.  We always need more space for provisions and spare parts.

Guess we really are Cruisers!

"Not all who wander are lost." - JRR Tolkien


Jaye said...

Looks like a great trip!

Jackie Smith said...

Looking forward to your upcoming adventure! And you killed me with that sunset photo. . .seems we last saw the sun in Ko'olina. . .sigh. . .

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! Sounds like an exciting trip....we'll be following on the blog!

Crit said...

What a great itinerary! I know what you mean about shedding
personal's getting easier and easier. I think Danno and Tyler might be next!
LOL!!! Really i mean to put Danno in Oregon and leave a bit on the boat as well as fiber glassing him in somewhere. I like your plan and it might be just right for me too!! Miss you.

shawn and chris said...

Aloha Moondance,

So glad to hear that you are pushing off again. Your welcome for the map, even though Penrhyn and Suwarrow are spelled wrong and we didn't exactly follow that route... It's a good guidline ;)!

We held onto stuff to give away to islanders farther along the trip, and wished in the end we'd giving it all to the folks on Fanning. They were the least connected of every other island we visited. Large glass bottles, sail thread, single prong fish hooks, books and school supplies, clothes, flour, soccer/volley balls and even DVD movies (that was the local police officer looking for movies for his kids. He was one of the few who had some electronics and we helped him fix the radio that you'll likely be hailed on when you land) were all requested. You could even stop by a local Salvation Army and stock up on things to give away.

Definitely look forward to seeing these places again via your blog! Keep in touch.

Happy Sails,
Shawn (and Chris)
s/v Tao

"My Blessings" said...

I'm looking forward to the upcoming adventure's always fun to follow via adventure for those of us on this side of the world! How's the spreadsheets coming along, Carla?