Saturday, February 23, 2013

It has started...

The saying "Goodbye's" that is along with the tears!

Aloha Dan and Sandra
Besides Moondance, there are so many of our wonderful friends from the Ko Olina Marina leaving over the next several months.

All heading different directions of course - some by air; some by sea.

Enjoying the Eats
Dan, Sandra, and Sevin (crew of the Jolly Lama) are the first. Going back to Hotlanta.

So our R&R Yacht Club threw them a helluva bash last night.

The Manly Men
We started with a great potluck on the promenade and then walked over to watch the sunset.

Catching the sunset
It was beautiful and almost a green flash - almost.

We ended up in the laundry room (warm and dry).
Love The Band!

That's when the party really got started.

The Band showed up and played all of our favorite sing-a-long songs.

Michael on the ukulele and Dave playing the guitar and the harmonica - what a treat.

The Laundry Room Girls
 And then the Girls got to do some dancing to Mel's version of the Pineapple Hula. Very entertaining I am sure.
Another beautiful sunset
It is amazing what lifelong friends you can make in such a short time.

We are going to miss the gang from the R&R Yacht Club for sure - so many wonderful memories.
A Hui Kaua (Until we meet again)!


Anonymous said...

the days go by fast, but thee friends stay in your thoughts forever

Jackie Smith said...

I can so visualize that party! Wish we could have witnessed that hula. . .

Sandra Moreland said...

Carla, you are amazing. We will miss your warm heart and your sweet smile -- more beautiful than any sunset! Don't be surprised when we drop in on you in Fiji one day...

Trisha and Derrick Weeks said...

Where are you going - do tell!

Trisha and Derrick Weeks said...

Where are you going? Do tell!

sharktank2003 said...

Have a great trip - sounds like you are getting started earlier than anticipated! GREAT to see you last October in HI! :-) We've missed Ana here in La Paz and a few new restaurants but otherwise...same old same! Linda and Bill T de T

Behan Gifford said...

Such a good crew you have! It's the yin yang of cruising... hard goodbyes, but great new friends to meet ahead. Love the update to the blog look, nicely done!