Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Back to reality...

And  back to boat projects!
Who needs life lines?
Well, we have been goofing off (a lot), but we have got a few boat projects in the works.

Of course, we have found a few more!

To prevent leaks and to guarantee support, Doug is re-bedding the stanchions.

At the same time - replacing our life lines with Spectra.

It is new technology - supposed to be stronger than steel.  We shall see...
Broken Gooseneck - not good

In the process of removing our sails (5-year checkup), Doug found some problems with our Gooseneck.

The gooseneck weld was busted, plus connection to the boom was bent.
Replacement parts - a Boat Buck!

At least it is a good time to replace them.

Plus, new technology seems to have improved the design.

We shall see.

Hopefully Doug can resuscitate
 Our dinghy engine died the day before we left French Polynesia.

So far, Doug has tried replacing all the important parts, but no luck fixing it.

Hopefully, it is fixable. If not, that's 2 more Boat Bucks!

Messing up the place
If you don't live on a boat, you will have problems comprehending the absolute mess that can happen when you are working on projects

It is amazing, but at least it all goes back together quickly!

Time to relax and enjoy the view!
But, at the end of the day, we still have a wonderful group of friends to commiserate with and enjoy our surroundings. Love it.

Thanks to Kathy and Debbie for sharing their beautiful picture of the Ko Olina lagoons - amazing!


Ana said...

Well, can't avoid "reality"! One really great thing is that Doug is working at West Marine! I know getting the boat fixed up must mean you are getting close to taking off again, which is exciting!

Jeremy said...

We were wondering where ya'll have been: Working? That doesn't sound right! Glad to see you're getting all that work done while the weather is nice. What? It's always that nice in Hawaii? ... I'm soooo jealous... :)