Sunday, August 26, 2012

And something to celebrate...

After almost 19 years, Debbie and Kathy decided to make it official and get married - finally!
Congratulations, Debbie and Kathy!
We were so happy that they decided to have the ceremony here in Hawaii, so that we could be there.
The Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony was at Kailua beach park and performed by Minister Margie.

It was very special - just like Kathy and Debbie.
Time to Celebrate

After the beautiful ceremony, we wandered over to Buzz's Steakhouse.

And the celebration continued with great food, drink, and lots of laughter.

Plus some ping pong back at the Commune - why not?
Written in the sand in Kailua

So many wonderful memories we have shared over the last 20+ years.

We just have to keep making more!
Dock Buddies throw a party!

Back at the marina, our amazing Dock Buddies organized a wonderful wedding reception.

Lots of great food, a wedding cheese cake, and of course - - - - champagne!
Karen and her beautiful music

Plus, Karen brought out her beautiful harp, Fiona.

A very special occasion and Karen playing Fiona - magic.
And the Wedding Cake

What a wonderful group of friends gathered to celebrate the big occasion!

Congratulations, Debbie and Kathy.

May you always find love and happiness together - and come see us often!

PS:  Doug trying to give a toast and is speechless - that has to be a first - priceless.


Behan Gifford said...

Looks like it was a beautiful wedding! Hey better late than never. ;-) And Doug- speechless? Need video!

Ana said...

fWhat a great place to get married! Congratulations to Kathy and Deb!
And, Doug speechless? I don't think so!!!