Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Crazy times with Kathy and Deb - Part I

It is hard to imagine how much fun you can pack in to a two-week vacation, but we did it and had a wonderful time playing tourists with Kathy and Deb!
Kathy and Deb getting the Aloha spirit

So many great times and so many pictures - Wow.

Too many for 1 post that's for sure!

Hitting the beach at Waikiki
Here are some of the highlights - in no particular order.

Enjoy - we sure did!

What an experience visiting the Arizona Memorial.

It is very hard to imagine these beautiful islands and people at war...

The Arizona Memorial
The Missouri is a huge ship and we checked out every room and locker.

At the wheel of Might Mo
The Japanese signed the surrender documents on this ship in 1945 that formally ended WWII.
Pacific Aviation Museum

We had a great tour guide - loved hearing the history of the ship and details of the surrender.

Take the tour for sure!
Gunner Doug

Also, checked out the Pacific Aviation Museum and the USS Bowfin sub (yikes - too tight of quarters for me!).

All in one day. We were pooped.

It was definitely time for Happy Hour and Pupus -

Sam Choy's here we come!
Hiking to Makapu'u Lighthouse

Next, hiking up to Makapu'u light house on the SE point.

What a view - Maui, Moloka'i, and Lana'i - very impressive.

Even better during whale watching season (December-May).
Doug trying to Boogie Board
Then, had to cool off, so headed to Bellows Beach for some fun in the sun.

 One of our favorite beaches and easy to get to.
Relaxing at Bellows Beach

Wonderful soft sand and great boogie board waves.

PS: It is harder than it looks!
We are right Here!

Another busy day - siteseeing is tough work.

More cooling off required so off to the Kona Brewing Company.

Best Kalua pork nachos ever!
You should see the sunset...

And the grande finale - sunset at Lagoon #4.

We had the best seats!
Stepping up

When you visit Oahu, you have to climb to the top of the famous Diamond Head crater.
What a view from the top of Diamond Head

Switchbacks, stairs, and tunnels, but the gang said it is worth the trip.

Sorry that I missed it - stupid work.
Anyone for a game of 10,000?

Most of our evenings were spent hanging with the dock buddies, playing games, sunsets on the water, and Mai Tai walks to Chuck's.

Our days (and nights) were full!
Love this photo!
And lots and lots of wonderful memories.

Enjoy the pictures - I will start working on Part II.

Lots more pictures to share!
Hubba Hubba

At the end of the road

All dressed up

Fine Anytime is right

Hanging with the tourists at Hanauma Bay

Pooped - just got back from???
Sharing the beach with Erma the Monk seal

Lots and lots of turtles

42nd Ukulele Festival


Behan Gifford said...

Good times in Hawaii. Wish we could come have the Moondance Tour! Love your pictures. Carla, I can almost hear your most contagious laugh in the background.

Ana said...

Great pictures, I'm sure you guys are the best hosts! Kath and Deb look great as do you the Scotts! I must say, those mai tai's look pretty darn good too!