Sunday, June 3, 2012

Goof Off Day

Doug and I had the day off together (yahoo!) and decided to do some exploring - and goofing off.
Hiking up to Maunawili Falls

So, we headed to the other side of the island to check out Maunawili Falls.

We enjoyed the hike - the colors and smells of being in the jungle - so much like French Polynesia.

The easy part

But, we had lots of company - very touristy, plus there wasn't much water flowing in the falls!

Oh well, still a good workout and we need the exercise.
Emergency rescue - wasn't us!

One tourist injured herself jumping into the water and had to be air-lifted out.  Pretty scary, but she was alright.

This is something you wouldn't see in French Polynesia!
Bellow's Beach - beautiful

Another beautiful beach on the SE of Oahu - Bellow's Beach.

Miles of beach and very few people, plus looks like a great place to boogie board.

We will be back!
Ah, the Kona Brewing Co.

You know us, part of exploring is checking out the sports bars -
  • Boardriders Bar and Grill - nice local bar
  • Creekside Lounge - no draft beer (oh my)
  • Kailua Town Pub and Grill - the best 
And, our favorite, the Kona Brewing Company. Just wish it was closer...

A very nice day spent with my Sweetie!


Carol Morrison said...

Sounds like a good day - maybe Dennis and I should go 'splorin Tracy for a decent wine bar or sports bar - not! Think it is called chez Carol.

Samantha said...

I am so so so so jealous!