Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Dock Family at Ko Olina Marina

Since we moved onto Moondance in 2001, we have lived in lots of marinas and had some wonderful neighbors and have made many life-long friends.
Mai Tai walk to Chuck's

We moved to the Ko Olina marina on the island of Oahu in January and it instantly felt like home.

Cheryl - Big Steelers Fan
As soon as we motored into the marina, we were invited to Cheryl and Michael's boat to watch the Steeler's playoff game. Doug was in heaven!

Since then, we have gotten to know Cheryl and Michael very well and they are wonderful people.
Mel's Birthday - Beautiful Girls!

Things just kept getting better after that. Our new neighbors soon became our friends.

Almost nightly, we all come out of our boats, pull our chairs out of the dock box, and relax, tell our stories, and get to know each other.

Karen and her Birthday tiara
Plus, lots of eating and drinking and everyone shares - even their dinners.

We have some amazing instant potlucks!

And, we celebrate everything - birthdays, holidays, anniversary's, and anything else we can think of.

Hamming it up aboard Lu
Our Dock Family is also a wonderful support group.

Rides to the airport, doctor appointments, shopping excursions - whatever.

Someone will always volunteer to pitch in and help.
Debbie spotting Venus

And lots of sharing - cruising tips, technical expertise, movies, a cup of milk, and so much more.

It is so easy to walk down our dock and find what you need.

This time next year, most of us will have sailed or moved away.
Sunset at Ko Olina

Sad to think about, but for now we are going to enjoy every minute of it and know that we will always be a part of the R&R Yacht Club - where ever we are!

R&R Club = Rant&Rave, Restore&Repair, Rest&Relax, Row&Recline, Rust&Rot and lots more R&R'ing.


Ana said...

You both are so great at making friends wherever you go. Then you up and leave us, just like that!
Miss you guys!

Jeremy said...

That just sounds amazing and KONA BREWING?!?! Sweet! Just had a Koko Brown the other day and it was good. Fire Rock and Pipeline have always been some of my favs as well. Again you have made me extremely jealous. :)