Sunday, May 27, 2012


Goodbye Mr. Home Depot; Hello Mr. West Marine. Bring on those discounts!
Mr. West Marine - finally!

Well, it took much longer than we ever thought, but Doug is finally working at West Marine and loves it.

Besides the discounts, it gives Doug an opportunity to learn even more about boat stuff. Great!
Neighbors gone...

And the neighborhood is changing - but not because of us.

One neighbor sold their boat; one sailed to French Polynesia.

So, our little neighborhood is almost perfect - almost. 

We are working on that!
The Black Pearl

In preparation of our upcoming haul-out, we went to visit the yard. Yard looks fine, but the shower/restroom facilities are a little lacking. Oh well, we can handle it.

But, we did get a kick out of seeing The Black Pearl.  She definitely needs some work. But, the big question...Where's Johnny?
University of Hawaii Rainbows

It took us 3 tries, but we finally got to see a Rainbow game - we miss baseball.

Very nice stadium and nice people, plus they sell beer and great dogs!

Seasons over, but we will go again next year for sure.
Waikiki - what a view
We love checking out Waikiki - it is definitely touristy, but there are some real good finds - like the Hale Koa.

Nice, affordable, plus great bartenders and 3 Happy Hours. Hope you get a chance to visit them!
The Varsity

Another favorite, The Varsity, next to the College.

Cheap and they have lots of beer on tap - Doug's eyes light up when we walk in!
Love this plant, but no clue?

Changes, but changes are good and we are still enjoying our wonderful life.

Come and join us - we need some new neighbors!

PS:  Anyone know the name of this plant?


Sarah Powell Erickson said...

Very tempting to come be your new neighbor, but read "no pet" policy. Waaaa.

Unknown said...

Changes, changes are good! A good man is a happy man! Discounts, benefits, benefits! You guys just keep having a good time, it's good for the health.

Sherry said...

Woot! Glad Doug has finally moved into West Marine territory. The WM Hawaii can use some help. They had the worst customer service we have seen in any WM anywhere.

"My Blessings" said...

Mr. West Marine looks so different in his work clothes vs. the "moondance attire!" We barely recognized him! We still think you're having "too much fun!" Love from NM!

"My Blessings" said...

We barely recognized Mr. West Marine in his work clothing...we're use to his "Moondance Attire!" You guys are still having way toooo much fun! Love from NM!!!

"My Blessings" said...

btw, I have a feeling kids will be challenged (once again) to research the name of the plant! I'll have them read the blog when they wake up!

Anonymous said...

Hi ... the plant is called a spiral ginger .... Bron