Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fun-filled weekend!

The Schubert's were on Oahu and we got to spend some time with them!
Relaxing with the Schubert's!

Ritch, Sue, Rob, Eric, and Kate were vacationing on the North Shore and came over to spend the day with us - what a treat.

Hard to believe that we have been buddies since high school (many moons ago), but it is so easy to slip into that old friendship.

Love spending time with them - just wish it could have been longer...

Captain Steve and Debbie were so wonderful and took all us sailing on their beautiful boat, Delphinia. Thank Guys!

Captain Steve
It was so nice to be back on the water - we have missed it. The weather wasn't great and the seas a bit rough, but it was still a good day at sea.
Eric and Ritch on Delphinia

Did I mention that Moondance has to be hauled out to get fixed (again) before we go anywhere?

Oh well - the life of a cruiser...
Eric and Kate relaxing

After sailing, we just had to take the the gang on a Mai Tai walk to Chucks.

Wonderful way to spend the day.

Hope the Schubert's come and visit us again!
Cowboy night

The Ko Olina marina threw a BBQ for the boatees - great food and music - and cowboy hats were required.
Debbie and Mel having too much fun!

We ate way too much, danced, and had a blast hanging with our marina buddies.

Wish you could have joined us for the weekend!

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