Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving with the Family!

What a wonderful treat - having the Collins fly to Mazatlan to spend Thanksgiving with us!

Anessa, Eric, and Gavin were here a week and we had a wonderful time showing them all of our favorite haunts, plus found some new ones.

The weather was beautiful, so we spent a lot of time at the pools, the hot tub, and on the beach.

Gavin went from being a novice swimmer to showing no fear jumping off the high dive, exploring the caverns, body surfing, etc. Of course, the adults had to join in on the fun!

We decided to hike up to the El Faro Lighthouse. It is the 2nd highest operating lighthouse in the world and over 500 feet above sea level.

Quite a hike, but worth it - the scenery was amazing. Beautiful views no matter which way we looked.

The adults celebrated with cervezas at Puerto Viejo; Gavin celebrated with fresh coconut milk. As you can see, it was a big hit!

Mazatlan has miles and miles of beach and we explored most of it - using all kinds of transportation, plus hours of beach combing and dining at the beach bars.

Shrimp is in season and so tasty - we had to indulge daily with an assortment of yummy dishes.

What a treat for our family from the mountains of New Mexico!

We got a babysitter for Gavin one night and enjoyed a special dinner at Topolo - our favorite restaurant. We had a wonderful time (as you can see). Fernando and his team took excellent care of us, as usual.

Thanksgiving was celebrated with a day at the beach playing volleyball, body surfing, and flying kites.

Anessa and Doug cooked our "non-traditional dinner", which included a wonderful pork roast, sweet potatoes, rice and chocolate cake for dessert - all with the flavors of Mexico. Yummy!

We really enjoyed the Collins visit and were sorry (and sad) to see them leave today. We have all ready started to plan our next vacation together. Hawaii next year? Maybe...

Miss you guys all ready!


Crit said...

Hey you guys, What a GREAT picture of you all at Topolo's! You can still clean up well! And on a boat no less.....

Ness, Eric and Gavin said...

You took great photos! Miss you guys.

Ana said...

Looks like you had a really great time! Gavin looks happier than poop!