Saturday, November 13, 2010

It works, it really works...

Yup, that's Doug and our brand new Yanmar engine. It doesn't look like much from here, but she's a beaut.

It is a Yanmar 3JH5E and it:
  • has 10 more horsepower
  • it is smaller, lighter, quieter
  • and faster than a speeding bullet (just kidding on this one)
Pulling out and old engine and putting in a new one - who knew it could be this complicated?

But it was interesting to watch. On the old engine, everything had to be disconnected and dismantled. Then, the engine had to yanked from the engine room, and pulled out of the cabin (using the boom).

I made it sound easy, but it wasn't!

We missed all of the excitement when the new engine went in (we were okay with that).

When we returned from our summer vacation, the new engine was installed and ready for Doug to do his stuff - all the re-connecting and re-configuring.

Good thing Doug knows what he is doing, plus Bob (Total Yacht Works) is very knowledgeable and would stop by to provide his expertise and recommendations. It took them about 10 days before we got to turn the key on - and it worked. No black smoke and lots of RPM's - how exciting!

Doug has a few more things to finish up, and then we can start breaking in the new engine - 50 hours of motoring. Maybe we will do some fishing...

We have been very impressed by the installation and service we received from Total Yacht Works here in Maz. Thanks to Bob, Rafa, Julie, and Jesus - we appreciate everything you did for us!

I hope you never have to, but if you need engine work check them out.

South Pacific - here we come!


Ness, Eric and Gavin said...

Do you think it goes fast enough to take Gavin somewhere for a few days and then pick him up later? Teasing of course, mostly!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Um, Doug's not smiling in that one photo. What's up with that?