Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good Times with our Amigos!

We were so fortunate, Fern and Brian (our amigos from La Paz) decided to pay us a visit over the weekend.

We had a wonderful time showing them Mazatlan!

There is a new Mexican airline that is very reasonable and that made the trip from La Paz affordable - Vivaerobus.

An hour flight across the Sea of Cortez and cheaper than an all night ferry ride.

Plus, finding a nice and reasonable place to stay - Bungalows Mar-Sol. We highly recommend both.

Fern and Brian weren't here long enough, but we were able to take them around to our favorite haunts - Topolos, El MontaLayo, Puerto Viejo, La Tertulia, Plaza Machado, and more.

They also loved Maz's transportation - quick, cheap, and exciting!

Plus, the girls got to do some shopping while the guys watched some football. What a weekend!

And the weather, just beautiful. No wonder they call it Paradise.

Thanks Fern and Brian for visiting us - we love you!

1 comment:

Fern and Brian said...

Thanks for the wonderful happy weekend, friends. Just the right balance of sightseeing, food, drink, walking, shopping. And we're so grateful there were no murders during our mexican train game.
Love you to bibco bits.