Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bay Fest 2010

Bay Fest is a 3-day party put on each year by the local Club Cruceros. This is our 2nd year to attend and we had a great time. The Fest was well organized and well attended, plus it was a wonderful opportunity to hang out with our fellow cruisers. Below are some of the highlights!

Race to the Dock - First Place (adjusted) on s/v Talion! Our first racing experience and we had a wonderful time and learned so much from this very experienced crew.

We are going to be doing more of this racing stuff - even on Moondance!

Volleyball - we played the Navy team and the La Costa restaurant team and lost to both. So much for all of that practicing.

We should have stuck to drinking beer! Just kidding - we had a great time and even got some good exercise.

We did have some amazing cheerleaders though - they were very colorful and very entertaining!

Blindfold Dinghy Race - disqualified! We didn't get 5 feet away from the dock - how embarrassing is that? I was supposed to navigate Doug out and around the buoy by tapping him on the knees. We thought it would be a breeze.

Apparently, we needed to practice. I managed to get Doug and the dinghy stuck to a fishing boat instead!

Bocci Ball - made it to the second round by beating two brothers (5 and 7 years old) and were thoroughly whopped by some ringers. I never saw a team make all of their shots like they did - amazing! It was the fastest game on record.

Mexican Train - yup, lost again. We had trouble finding our groove this year - even after lessons. But, we aren't giving up. We will try again at Loreto Fest!

Even though we didn't fare so well at the games, we had a great time at Bay Fest and enjoyed the music, dancing, food, and just hanging with our compadres!

If you are around next year, be sure to check it out!

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Steve said...

Glad to see you are holding up the Moondance/Casa Ana tradition of excellence in .....oh well, there's always next year. Problem is that they'll be 6 & 8 then.