Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lucha Libre!

Yup, we had to go and experience this local live entertainment!

Lucha Libre, which is Spanish for "free wrestling", is held monthly here in La Paz. We have always wanted to go and just made it happen.

We talked the crews from Evergreen and Jessie's Girl into joining us and treated them to a local favorite - delicious eats at the corner Hot Dog stand (bring your own cervezas).

As you can see, Jess and Doug really got into the spirit and donned their Lucha Libre masks - along with a lot of the locals!

The outdoor arena was packed with families cheering for their favorite wrestlers.

We really enjoyed the first 4 matches - especially the crazy antics of "Mary Apache and Exótico Yuriko fighting Cythia Moreno and Exótico Nygma" - they were a hoot! After that, it got a little too crazy - even for us.

Give it a try if you are in the area - you just might see us there!


Ana said...

What a fine looking group! You guys were probably as entertaining to the Mexicans to watch as the wrestler's were to you! Looks like fun!

Eric said...

Nacho Libre! Wish we could have been there with should see me in my tights....I look good!
Love you guys. Eric