Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back on the Baja!

We had a beautiful moonlit sail from San Carlos to the Baja Peninsula last night! We sailed 55 miles and motored 15 - that is pretty good for us! We were able to test out a lot of our equipment (new and old) and except for a fuel issue (TBDL), everything worked well.

It took us a long time, but nothing too crazy - except for the Frigging Frigates that were trying to land on our mast in the middle of nowhere, which generated lots of yelling and banging. People wonder what we do all night!

As we pulled into Punta Chivato on the Baja this morning, we were amazed to find the sun rising on our port side - and the moon setting on the starboard side. How often does that happen?

We also had a pod of dolphins join in to celebrate our arrival and help us find our way.

We have really enjoyed "cruising" again. We are sitting at anchor with a beautiful view (plus free wi-fi) and eating good old home cooking - the luxuries of life!

We had a very nice surprise tonight - Totem pulled in - yeah! We have really missed them and looking forward to spending some time together.

We will probably stay here a couple of days and then start heading South to La Paz. Looking forward to exploring the Baja again!

After that, we aren't sure what's happening. There is a "discussion" about our next step. Oh my. We will keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

Who dresses that man?

Ness, Eric and Gavin said...

Thanks for the update and the new photos; no rest for the weary eh? Good thing you are retired.

Anonymous said...

Hey Carla and Doug - Love your updates. I need to send Doug some pants. Great story Carla. Would love to see you both. Take Care.