Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Dolphin Roundup!

We had a special treat on our sail south - the Dolphin Roundup!

We were traveling from Puerto Escondido to San Marte when we were joined by approximately 200 dolphins. It was amazing to see them jumping and flapping their tails as the rounded up dinner, plus listen to them "talk". An amazing show that lasted about two hours - WOW!

Hope all of you get to see the Dolphin Roundup one of these days.

Thanks for the fish!


Ana said...

What a great movie, you guys!
Looked like you had a little wind that day.

Eric Collins said...

Gavin says "cool dolphins" and Thank you for the Halloween card! What a great video....that would be breathtaking....imagine that, dolphins outside Seaworld!!!
Gavin also says "He wishes you could be here to celebrate Thanksgiving!
Love you, Eric & Gavin