Thursday, February 5, 2009

San Evaristo

Again, we followed Dot and Brian over to San Evaristo, which is a small fishing village on the Baja Peninsula - another short trip!

This is the first time in 2 weeks that we had been to town. We went wild! Doug found out how to catch fish - with $100 pesos - the easy way. Plus, they even cleaned and filleted it. What a deal!

We also stopped by the tienda (store) to purchase some fresh produce and other necessities. We were impressed by the quality and quantity of produce. Seems we came just after the delivery truck. Couldn't believe they didn't have any beer in town though - how strange is that?

We hiked outside of town to check out the salt ponds - big business around here. As you can see, dodging cows, bulls, and donkeys along the way. The local folks just stare at us as we take photos of the strangest things - silly Americanos!

It has been great buddy boating with Dot and Brian, but tomorrow we are splitting up. They are heading north; we are heading south. We have had a great time and are really going to miss them - lots of memories, food, drink, and 42.

We promised to meet again soon - even if we have to go to Squim, Washington!

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