Monday, February 23, 2009

Mazatlan Carnaval - Day 4

The First Carnival Parade was spectacular - as you can see! Of course, our pictures just couldn't capture it all.

We splurged and purchased seats ($100 pesos) on a stage that was just built that day. Built to code? I don't think so, but they held up all night!

We wandered around for a bit, found a good place to have dinner, and then settled in for the show.

The Malecon was packed with floats, bands, people, and vendors. First was all of the vendor floats and bands - Corona, Pacifico, etc - all with pretty girls. After a very long break, the beautiful lighted floats began. The Malecon is so big, it took awhile for the floats to get to us, but it was worth the wait!

Kids (and adults) love to throw the confetti. My young friend had a big bag of the stuff. By the end of the night, I was covered. I think we will be finding confetti on the boat for a very long time - who knew it could get stuck in all sorts of places!

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