Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mazatlan Carnaval - Day 2

We found where Carnaval was happening tonight - a bit of a challenge! This is the Malecon in the Old Historic District - the old Port. They blocked it off and Policia guarded the entrances. There were so many stages and bands setup along the way, we couldn't even count them all.

Busy night ahead - banos (toilets) photographed from the Hotel Freeman Terrace Bar. Caballeros section is wide open; Damas section private toilets!

The Malecon was lined with locals selling all kinds of good things to eat and drink. We chose Al Pastor tacos carved from a spit - great presentation!

We made it until 11pm and the place was just starting to rock. Our favorite spot - an old sporting club where we danced to a couple of local bands - lots of fun!

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Anonymous said...

Boy Mazatlan sure looks different than what I remember, of course it's been twenty-some years!

Great pics. Ana