Sunday, August 2, 2015

Still in Savusavu...

Along with a lot of other Yachties!
Moored off the Copra Shed Marina
I know, we have been here two weeks already, but the weather is still crazy.

There has been high wind warnings, fronts, troughs, lows, all kinds of fun stuff coming thru Fiji this year.

Making a rain catcher
Captain Doug is tired of looking at the daily weather reports!

But, at least Savusavu is a good place to be stuck.

Savusavu Sailing School
We are surrounded by lots of old and new friends - all  doing the same thing - watching the weather.

So, we have been very social!

Row row row your boat!
Plus, working on projects (of course) and lots of shopping.

After 6 weeks of touring the Lau Group, Moondance's lockers were empty.

Since big rains are expected, Doug has been designing a rain catchment system.

Still in prototype, but we think it is going to work.
Celebration flags

Good thing, we are almost out of water and you really shouldn't run your watermaker in a marina!
Hooked a big one

Then, our dinghy engine stopped working.

After rowing around for a few days, Doug called Sanjay.

Touring Nawi Island
After one day and $80 FJ, Sanjay got it running. Yeah!

So, Moondance and crew are fueled up and ready to go.
Enjoying the view from Nawi Island

We just need to be patient and wait for the weather to settle so that we can make our Futuna run.

Very short parade!

Just want to get it over with so we can can explore more of Fiji.
Rainbow over the mooring field

Until then, we will just relax and enjoy Savusavu.

We will keep you posted!

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Jackie @ travelnwrite said...

The weather seems a fickle creature - everywhere - this summer! It has been so hot in Kirkland that our yard is brown and I've given up on flowering plants. Like the idea of catching rain water - just saw a report on people doing it in New Mexico and saving much on water/utility bills and having a nice green garden year-round!