Monday, August 17, 2015

Birthday Week!

I had a great time celebrating my Birthday Week (#58) in Savusavu.

Enjoying the gardens
Too big event for just a day - hah!

It was also a good excuse to be wined and dined and do some tourist stuff.
My special card
Plus, balloons, cards, presents, and Yachties and locals singing and wishing me Happy Birthday.

Balloons and presents!
What a wonderful treat.

Not sure why people avoid birthdays, I thoroughly enjoyed mine!
Doug enjoying his massage!

Doug and had I lovely massages at Una's house. $50 (FJ) for a one-hour massage.
Walking the plank to Una's!

It was excellent and we highly recommend it.
Birthday dinner with friends

Friends from s/v Ranganui and s/v Bonaparte joined us at the Hot Springs Hotel for dinner and dessert (of course).

Then homemade ice cream for second dessert (why not?).

Bottle Palm

We had a very nice tour of the Flora Tropica Gardens.
Beautiful palms

Over 300 different types of palms from all over the world - started from seed.
Baby Honeyeater

Plus, excellent signs identifying the palms, native habitat, and if the species was threatened.
Cruising kids having fun

$5 (FJ) for a taxi ride, plus $20 (FJ) for tickets, that included a guided tour.

And more palms, of course
Plus, you get a nice walk.

Check it out next time you are in Savusavu!
Circus in Savusavu

Nothing to do with my birthday, but the Drifting Circus came to town and performed at the Copra Shed Marina.
Music and entertainment

There were about 20 performers from all over the world that arrived in Savusavu aboard 3 sailing boats.
Spanish music anyone?

They had some excellent musicians and singers, plus clowns and jugglers that entertained the crowd.
Mystery flower

The best part, watching the Fijians belly laugh thru the slapstick comedy routines - too funny!
Waiting for the bus

As you can see, I had a wonderful Birthday Week in Savusavu!

I wonder where I will be celebrating #59...

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Jackie @ travelnwrite said...

Happy Birthday to you, you youngin' (I hit 62 in July and applied for Social Security and plan to celebrate SS day every month I see that deposit in the account. . .after all I lived a 'long time' to get to celebrate it!!) Glad you had a great celebration - have a wonderful year ahead!