Monday, July 6, 2015

Visiting Day in Fulaga!

We had a fun day today. Even though the weather wasn't great, we decided to take the dinghy all the way across the lagoon (5 miles) to visit the Naivindamu village on the lagoon side of Fulaga. We are so happy that we did. Naivindamu doesn't get many visitors and they were happy to see us.

We were met on the beach by Chico who made us feel very welcome, showed us around the village, and introduced us to the Chief and his wife. We delivered our Kava and the Chief welcomed us into his village and invited us back for lunch. Sure! We were served boiled sweet yams and sea cucumbers (yikes), which are a delicacy. It was our first time so we were a little hesitant, but they were good - a little slimy/sluggy but ok. I ate two, which was plenty! The Chief's wife also sent us home with a basket full of drinking coconuts and papayas.

One of the reasons we wanted to visit Naivindamu village is because of two young men we had met in Port Denarau: Tevita and Malo. They were born in Naivindamu and they are good friends with John and Lisa (s/v Orcinius) - that's how we met them. We told them that we were going to Fulaga and that we wanted to meet their family, plus deliver some items John and Lisa had sent. Buli and Lako were so happy to hear about their sons - it has been awhile since Tevita and Malo have been home. We also got to meet their Grandmother - what a wonderful lady - so very sweet. We told them we wanted to take their pictures so that we could send them to their sons. Grandmother fixed her hair and wanted to have her picture taken with Doug. Big smiles all around!

The Naivindamu village was great for provisioning too. Besides our bounty from the Chief, we were given a pumpkin by Tevita and Malo's brother - Laisa. Plus, Chico sold us some eggplant and papaya, and some good smelling limes from another man. We also scored a beautiful little basket handmade by Chico.

So a great visit all around!

Then we dingy'ed over to the main village, Monacake, to visit Joe and Tara and the rest of the villagers. You know we have been here awhile when everyone knows who we are and that we usually carry goodies in our bag. This time, banana coconut bread. I delivered one loaf to Lisoni, the Chief's daughter, to thank her and her family for having me for lunch last week. And, one loaf to Joe and Tara, plus some other stuff - always so thankful. We also picked up our wooden bowl that Mini had carved for us - it is beautiful.

We are getting quite a reputation here in Fulaga. Everyone liked our Mexican beans, sweet bread, and cookies we took to the Picnic. Tara said she was very proud of us - her Palangas. Plus, everyone knows we can play volleyball. I guess we impressed them with our skills (hah!) at the Picnic. Word does gets around!

Since the weather isn't cooperating, we will be in Fulaga a little while longer. Plus, we want to snorkel the pass, spend more time with the villagers and yachties, plus we promised we would come in for volleyball. We had hoped to play today, but the rain settled in. So, we have lots to do...

Besides all that, we have been keeping busy with Happy Hours on the beach, birthday parties, and exploring this beautiful lagoon!

PS: Doug lost his sunglasses a couple of days ago and considered them gone for good. When we went into the village today, Bix approached Doug asking if he had lost his sunglasses - Bix had found them. So very nice.

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Jackie @ travelnwrite said...

You two are living life as it should be lived!!! I love this post and was reading it aloud to Joel. Continue to enjoy it all~