Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Leaving Fulaga...

We have been in Fulaga over a month - time has gone so fast!

Between hanging out with the Villagers and the Yachties and exploring this beautiful island, we have been having a wonderful time - even if the weather wasn't fully cooperating with us.

Our host family, Joe and Tara, have been very good to us and we have learned so much about village life. Plus, exchanging food, gifts, and lots of stories. We even went to church twice - yikes!

There have have lots of boats coming and going during our stay from 5 all of the way to 16 (and from an assortment of countries). We have chosen to spend most of our time at the SE anchorage next to the Sand Spit - love the water and the beaches, plus such a beautiful big bay. The village anchorage has most of the crowd and the Yachties have been very involved in daily village life. We have missed some of the fun and festivities at the village, but we are Ok with that.

When we want some village time, we take the dinghy over which is about a 20 minute ride, plus a 20 minute walk. High tide is good, low tide is more interesting - sometimes we have to pull the dinghy across the low sandy spots. Coming back is usually a wet ride right into the winds and wave - oh well. We dress accordingly!

At this time, our plans are to sail overnight to Koro Island where we will spend a couple of days moored off the Dere Bay Resort. Back to civilization and all the luxuries like a restaurant, bar, cellphone coverage and internet. Wild times ahead!

Then onto Savusavu where we start out get-of-the-country run. Hoping for good weather - as always.

And, yes, we have eaten and drank our way thru most of our provisions - our cupboards are almost bare. Must be time to go!

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Jackie @ travelnwrite said...

Safe travels and smooth sailing - look forward to your reports.