Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

Not all day, but almost every day we get a good rainstorm in the afternoon, which usually includes lots of lightening and thunder.  Crack, Crack, Kaboom!
Got the Shade Tree working!

We have our Shade Tree awning up, which looks funny but it sure keeps the rain out and blocks some of that sun.

Tootsie Pops melted pile of goo
We love sitting in the cockpit and the awning keeps us dry and cool.

Of course, the humidity still plays its part.  Like melting our stash of Tootsie Pops!
Re-bedding ports - again

And, of course, we got projects to keep us busy.

Doug has been re-bedding ports that were leaking. It is a very long process, but progress is being made.
Doug flying to Vanuatu
I have been doing my spring cleaning - polishing stainless, cleaning moldy canvas, and other fun stuff.

We have also been traveling. I had a quick trip to the States to see the family in Texas; Doug flew to Vanuatu just for the day to renew his Visa.

Throwing a birthday party on Carinthia
There and back in less than 6 hours!

But, we still have lots of time for fun stuff and hanging out with the Yachties.
Dinghy Parking
We are amazed how many are still around here during cyclone season - and more coming this month!

Beautiful Fijian Dancers
Almost every night an assortment of us meet up at our favorite watering hole - Cardo's.

It is fun just getting off our boats and sharing our stories and solving problems - mostly relating to our boats.
Enjoying Superbowl
They are a great group and so happy they are around!
Passionfruit flower - amazing!

So, we are doing just fine.

Still enjoying Fiji and watching the weather daily - just in case a cyclone decides to swing by. Hope not!

We are looking forward to April.

We have company from the USA visiting, plus expecting cooler and drier weather.

Yeah - we are exciting about getting back to Island Life!


Jackie @ travelnwrite said...

You two look great! The High Seas agree with you!

Annette said...

Hello Carla, My name is Annette, my husband Keith will be part of the group visiting in May with your brother Phil and his wife. We are so excited to be heading to Fiji, can't wait to meet you both and explore the area! See you in 2 short months!