Monday, March 30, 2015

In like a lion, out like a lamb?

Well, we hope that's true for March and continues all the way thru April!
Weather chart - looking good!

March has been an active month - with lots of  systems, depressions, storms, etc. to keep track of.  Doug (Mr. Weatherman) has been a busy guy.

But, as of right now, Fiji is riding a big high.  Lots of cool, comfortable weather coming from the south with lots of sunshine.

Fine Fiji weather - we are loving it!
View from the top of Malolo Lailai - a beauty!

So, after 3 months, we finally got out of Port Denarau Marina.

Don't get us wrong, it is a great place to be, but we were ready for some island time.
Having some fun

So off to one of our favorite places -

Musket Cove on the island of Malolo Lailai.

Watching the sunset from our cockpit - ahhh
We were only there for 4 days, but had such a great time.  Surrounded by lovely people, beautiful water, and what a view.

Plus, Doug spent 2 days in the water scrubbing our bottom - it needed it.

Unfortunately, we had to get back to Denarau, but promise to return to Musket real soon.  We love that place!

Loving Flavio's

Besides all the weather watching and working on projects, we have been having some fun.
Just getting started

A group of Yachties splurged and had a wonderful event at Flavio's Italian Shop.

We spent over 3 hours drinking wine, eating, and socializing - what a treat.

Besides the wonderful antipasto, Flavio cooked a yummy pasta with a white truffle sauce, pan grilled beef tenderloin, ice cream, and finished off with a glass of Grappo.
Antipasto - yum!

All excellent, plus Flavio entertained us with his stories while he cooked - he is quite a character.

The meal (including wine) was $50 US a person, but we all felt it was a wonderful way to spend our money.

We plan on going back for dinner one of these days!

No shoes required

We also got invited to a 50th birthday bash for David who owns Yacht Help. It was a hoot!
BBQ - Fiji style

David arranged to have all the Yachties (and others) bussed to his place south of Nadi - what service .

Live music, lots of beer and spirits, plus a big BBQ - Fiji style.  Plus, we met so many new people.

So glad we went!
Celebrating Women's Day

Plus, lots of shopping, exploring, and socializing. We definitely aren't bored!
Happy Doug!
Now, we are getting Moondance prettied up for company.   It needs it.

Our best friends from New Mexico will be here in a couple of weeks.

Can't wait to show them Fiji!

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