Sunday, August 31, 2014

Futuna Run - Done!

And we are glad it is over!
Waiting for the next splash!
Fiji requires that all foreign boats have to check out of the country every 18 months.

For us, that means once a year since we don’t want any long trips during the cyclone season.
Walking the streets in Futuna

The closest country to Fiji is the French/Polynesian island of Futuna – about 200 miles northeast of Savusavu where we had to check out.
Beautiful island
So, off we went.  We haven’t done an overnighter since last year, so Moondance’s crew was a little rusty.

We had great sailing wind both directions (sometimes too much), but the sea was confused.  Lots of splashes in the cockpit and difficult to sleep!
Rocking and rolling

Futuna has 2 beautifully lush islands, but we just couldn’t stay there.  The anchorages are unprotected and lots of swell rolling in.  We had problems even launching the dinghy to get to shore.

Too bad – we would have loved to do some exploring (and resting).  Instead, we left the same day and headed back to Fiji.

Sunset at Copra Shed Marina
As soon as we got back into Fiji waters, the seas flattened out, the winds settled down, and we had the most wonderful starlit sail through the islands and reefs – plus got some sleep.  It was perfect!

Now we are back in Savusavu hanging with the Yachties, provisioning, and doing some R&R'ing.  We were pooped and it is so nice to be back on solid ground!
Bilibili - fishing boat for the creeks

We leave in the morning heading back to Musket Cove for the Regatta.  We should be there on Thursday – just in time for the kickoff.  It is going to be a hoot!
Mangos are almost ripe!

Then, our vacation starts - we are flying to Texas on September 14.

So excited to be back in the good ol’ USA surrounded by family and and all those wonderful treats – like IPA’s, pizza, cheeseburgers, etc. Yum!


Monica & Tom Burke, SV Tanga said...

Congrats on getting that Futuna run chore done! Glad to hear everything went good and you had a great sail, both ways. See ya in a few days! SV Tanga

Jackie and Joel Smith said...

If you get near Washington State, do let us know!