Saturday, August 2, 2014


Well, we are supposed to be sailing north towards Futuna for our annual get-of-Fiji run, but things happen!
Rebuilding the windlass

First, our windlass (used to pull up the anchor and chain) died while we were at the islands.

Our friends Kathy and Debbie got to experience what it is like to do it all manually.  Great exercise!

Then, our generator broke a bolt on the drive pulley that attaches it to the fly wheel.
Our new neighbor
Doug spent a day just getting it all disconnected and it took him and 3 Big Guys to get it off the boat.   

Doug also decided to do some small mods to the pulley system.  It should perform much better after all that work. 

The rest of the neighborhood

So, we are now docked at one of our favorite places - Port Denarau Marina.

We are enjoying all of the luxuries of marina life like showers, laundry facilities, plus lots of good places to eat, drink, and shop.
Dining at Cardo's
We have gotten to know the staff at Cardo's very well and told the owner that we had a bottle of Jose Cuervo we would like to give him.

He offered us dinner in exchange, plus we threw in some brownies. We dined on Mahi Mahi, Ribeye steak, and a good bottle of wine.  It was an excellent trade!

We also got some paperwork done, which was quite the process and involved lots of bus and taxi rides, plus lots of walking.

Happy finding the Northern Club
After, five 2-hour trips to the Immigration office at the airport (and $112US) .  We now have our 2-month visa extensions.

Then to Lautoka to visit the Customs office.  We were seeking approval for having batteries shipped from the States. We got it - yeah!

While walking around Lautoka, we found the Northern Club. A great ol' plantation style club that serves beers for $1.50US and great lunch specials for $6.00US. An excellent find!
Sunset at Smuggler's Cove

If all goes well with the generator and windlass, we should be heading to Futuna within a week.

We are anxious to get the run over so that we can get back for the annual Musket Cove Sailing Regatta in September.

Lots going on here in Fiji!


Ana said...

The chores don't sound like fun but all the rest does! Have a good run and a great birthday!

Jackie and Joel Smith said...

Sorry your plans didn't work out (we can relate as our trip to Greece didn't go as planned either this summer) but sounds like you've done as we did - enjoy the moment and not worry about the plans.