Friday, May 10, 2013

No Wind!

Egg delivery
It is very strange - our NE trade winds always blow - sometimes too much.  But not for the last month! 

We either have zero wind or it is blowing out of the west.

Both are bad for us, so we aren't going anywhere until the trade winds come back.

Grocery receipt - wow
Which is good, because we aren't ready to go.

We are still working on projects and provisioning - of course. 
Rebedding another port

But, we are getting closer:
  • order/buy list is down to 1 page
  • only 2 ports left to rebed
  • 1 locker left to inventory
  • provisioning 75% complete
  • stashing and stowing 50% complete
  • need to do more work up the mast
  • final check on the rigging
  • that kind of stuff!
Plus, we need to get out of the marina and do a final calibration on our new autopilot and check out our new anchor system, plus run our watermaker.

We want to make sure everything is working perfectly before heading south.  Next stop is 10 days away!

Celebrating Kara and Aaron's upcoming wedding
Of course, we still are making time to spend with our dock buddies - we are going to miss them.

We aren't going to be here for Kara and Aaron's wedding celebration, but wanted to throw a party in their honor.  Lots of fun and food was had by all!

Hope their lives are happy and full always.  And we are looking forward to meeting Aaron one of these days...
The latest weather forecast shows the trade winds are coming back Wednesday - yeah!

So, guess we will stay for the big Marina party on Saturday and start looking for a weather window.

We better get busy!

PS:  A few provisioning tips:
  • The best place to provision for non-Costco size stuff:  Don Quixote.  It caters to the Japanese, but they have lots of stuff at great prices. 
  • Non-refrigerated eggs are very difficult to get in the States.  We were fortunate that Kalei Eggs made an exception and sold us 120 of them - score.
  • Don't buy too much. Of course, I am definitely not following my own advise!

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