Sunday, January 8, 2012

Was that an explosion?

No, it wasn't, but that was what I was thinking at 5 o'clock this morning! We were sailing across Penguin Bank on the approach to Honolulu, Oahu. The depth shallows up to 150 feet and the electronic charts are marked: explosives dumping area, unexploded ordnance, submarine buoys, etc. So, I am nervous all ready. When off the starboard side, I see HUGE splashes. I scream thinking - bombs exploding - yikes. Well, it wasn't, it was humpback whales breaching. Very impressive, busy still scary that close to the boat.

But, we are safe and sound tucked into the Ko Olina Resort Marina. It is very nice and has all of the amenities - docks, showers, laundry, etc. Plus, besides our friends on Evergreen, we had a line of people helping us dock and welcoming us. Even got invited to a neighbors boat to watch the Steelers game (lost - sorry to say). Plus the nightly happy hour on the dock, which is being called the "Piers End Yacht Club meeting" - I like it. I think this will be a very nice place for us to spend the next 4 months.

Our 25 hour crossing from the Big Island was interesting. Crossing 20 miles off the Alenuihaha channel (between the Big Island and Maui) was challenging on an extremely calm day. I can't imagine what it is like when the trade winds are roaring. Doug's words "that was ugly" as he is trying to keep things from flying around the cabin. But, after the ugly phase, we had some great sailing, which turned into calm motoring. So, we did all right.

Now, it is time to focus on finding work and getting busy on Moondance projects. We aren't sure who will hire us (we think we are unemployable), but we are going to give it a try.

Wish us luck!

PS: No fish were harmed during the crossing. Sorry to say.

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Heike said...

Maybe look for a job at a cannery! ...LOL