Friday, January 20, 2012

Reconnected, really?

It is very strange, after 9 months of sailing around, we have settled into the Ko Olina Marina on the island of Oahu - at least for awhile.  It is quite a place.
Home sweet home - for awhile

We have been here almost two weeks and amazed how "reconnected" we are.

We have electricity, phones, internet, and even cable TV.

Now, we are shopping for a used car - oh my!
Biking to town
The town of Kapolei has great shopping (Costco, Target, Safeway, etc.), but it is ~2 miles along the railroad track.

The bus stop is over a mile away, plus getting to Honolulu takes over a hour.

So we decided to look for some cheap (junker) transportation - oh my!

Sunset at Ko Olina
We have also been applying for jobs - all kinds of jobs - too funny. I haven't had any luck, but Doug and Dennis are working for a yacht broker.

They are re-wiring a boat nearby and on-call. They seem to enjoy the work and even got their 1st paychecks. Yeah!

Hope the work continues.
Harp concert by Karen - amazing
We have really enjoyed being at the marina. Everyone is very helpful and made us feel right at home.

They are also a very social group and we joined the "Grumpy Old Men's Club" that meets nightly for Happy Hour. We fit right in!

A special treat was having Karen play her harp for us. We thoroughly enjoyed the concert.

Northern Red Cardinal
Ko Olina is wonderful place to stroll around - beautiful walking trails along the lagoons, resorts, and golf courses.

And bird watching... the Northern Red Cardinal is my latest spot. Beautiful!

Black swans (and babies) guarding the golf course

Plus, we found a great Happy Hour - $4 Mai Tai's at the Beach Club - just a short walk away.

We will be here for awhile (TBD).

Hope you can come for a visit - we would love to have!


islandwonder said...

If you get to Oahu, I recommend PF Changs. We were there last month and Happy Hour is cheaper than the mainland.

Diane, Evan and Maia said...

Sounds wonderful Carla--and like you're taking the whole civilaization thing in stride:)

Sarah Powell Erickson said...

Oh Oahu! I lived near Punahou for 3 years. Would love to come hang out with you 2 at Ko Olina but they seem rather serious about no dogs. Enjoy the island.
Aloha Nui, Sarah