Monday, September 12, 2011

Too much fun in Huahine!

Well, we finally made it back to the island of Huahine and we are having a great time - can you tell?

Evergreen motoring thru the Huahine lagoon
Huahine is our favorite island in the Societies Archipelago. It is beautiful, peaceful, and a wonderful place to explore. Very few tourists visit Huahine, but the cruisers love it.

Snorkeling with Sharks!
Found a great snorkeling spot - just off the town of Fare. Unfortunately, there is a Shark Feeding tour that ties up here, so as soon as the gang hopped in the water, all the fishes (including sharks) started circling. It was pretty amazing - just don't tie up to the boat that is anchored there. We got chased off!

Fishing - not catching
We motored through the lagoon to the big bay of Port Bourayne for a night and tried to catch some fish - no luck. We did get some tips from the locals and are going to keep trying.

Avea Bay - beautiful
Next stop, Avea Bay, which is at the southern end of Huahine. There were 12 boats here when we arrived - now there are only 2 of us left. So quiet... we are really having a relaxing day.

Enjoying the beach
We joined Evergreen in a dinghy tour around Point Tiva to check out the village of Perea and watch the surfers.

Carol modeling
There is a wonderful artisan shop in Perea owned by Miri and Frank. They hand-paint all of their pareos and they are beautiful - as you can see - Carol too!

Marea Anini
We checked out Marea Anini (sacred Polynesian site). This marea had petroglyphs and was recently restored - using only original stones. Very interesting. Miri tells us that in each corner of the Marea, a body was buried alive - yikes!

Pareo fashion show
Miri and Frank invited us to their Pareo show at one of the Pensions. They used the crowd as models to demonstrate all the ways to tie a parea. Doesn't Doug look handsome!

Too much fun!
It was wonderful to hang out with the locals - we learned lots of Polynesian history, plus had a wonderful time. We invited them over to our boats the next night so they can see how the crazy cruisers live.

Tomorrow, we travel back to Tahiti. We have had a wonderful time, but we need to get moving East. Our time in French Polynesia has gone by way too fast!

** Thanks for sharing your pictures, Carol!

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