Friday, September 16, 2011

Back in Tahiti

We were really sad to leave Huahine - it was a wonderful island. Hope we see it again next year!

Going to miss Huahine
Our overnight passage to Tahiti was nice and easy. Not much wind, but at least it was in our favor and the seas were calm.

There were several sailboats, freighters, and ferries cruising between the islands, so we had to stay alert, but nothing came too close - thank goodness!

Sunset over Moorea from our anchorage
Now, we are back in Tahiti anchored by Marina Taina. We have to go through a formal process to check out of Tahiti.

Also, we need to provision, work on projects, fill up with fuel and propane, and a bunch of laundry - yuck!

We hope to find a weather window next week and start sailing back to the Tuamotu. We aren't sure which islands we are going to visit this time - all depends on the wind.

Our time in French Polynesia is going way too fast!

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