Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stuck in Bora Bora!

Well, come to think of it, Bora Bora is a wonderful place to be stuck, so we can't complain!
Stingray giving Doug a kiss...

We have been here for 3 weeks all ready - sure doesn't seem like it. There is a storm system blowing through now, so we are waiting for it to pass before sailing back to Raiatea.


Raiatea is only about 25 miles away, but there is no reason to bash in rough weather if we don't have to. Nothing wrong with staying in beautiful Bora Bora a couple more days.

We climbed there?  Oh my!

Doug just had to brag about his hike one more time. "We went all the way up there - never again!"

Island transportation

We spent a week on the East side of Bora Bora, which is definitely challenging but worth the trip. There are lots of reefs to maneuver around and the water is very shallow. So we stuck to following the channel and went very very slow. No worries - we never hit the bottom and missed all of the coral heads - yeah!

Hop into our pool?

Because of the challenges, not all cruisers get to see the East side. But, there are lots of hotels and lots of tourists running around on jet ski's, diving, snorkeling, and all the rest of the water sports. Lots of activity during the day, but very quiet at night.

Poor folks enjoying the resort

Doug and I decided to check out the Saint Regis Resort - just for fun. So we showered and shaved, put on our best (cleanest) outfits and dinghied over - they didn't kick us out! It was a beautiful resort and we enjoyed wandering around. We even splurged and had one fancy, very expensive, cocktail - $60 for 2 drinks. Ouch!

Carol sailing away

The rest of the week we spent exploring the beaches, snorkeling, kayaking, touring the islands, and hanging out with the crew from Evergreen.


Now, we are anchored in our favorite spot on the West side of Bora Bora tucked in from the storm and baking cookies (oatmeal raisin), watching movies, and playing a mean game of Hollywood Rummy. A nice way to wait out the storm.

Fruits and goodies for sell

It's about a 20-minute dinghy ride to town, but we are going to try to make a run between showers to do some provisioning - we are low on lots of staples (Coke Zero, wine, beer, meats, fruits, veggies, etc.).

Nice place for a picnic

If we time it right, we will treat ourselves to lunch at the Snack shop. Wonderful panini's, hamburgers, and french fries. Walk next door to the grocery store, buy 2 Hinano beers, and find a place in the shade to eat. A great picnic and it is affordable.

Taking a break from chores
Doug checked the weather - it looks like we will be here until Monday or Tuesday. Lots more chances to get my butt kicked in rummy again!

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Ana said...

You, it, the Hinano, ALL sounds wonderful!!! You go slow, stay safe and enjoy your passages. It looks beautiful right where you are! Miss you guys.