Monday, August 22, 2011

Hike from Hell!

Or as Josh (Evergreen) said - it was "terrifying" and I didn't think kids were afraid of anything!

Made it to the top!
Well, as you can see, the view from the top of Mt. Hue was amazing. But, I know that these guys will never hike to the top again. They were exhausted.

Mt. Hue - pretty impressive
Mt. Hue is only 2031 feet high, but it was a tough hike that took about 6 hours - it didn't even start off easy.

Josh climbing down

It was such a steep grade, that the guys were hanging on to roots and rocks for support. In some spots, rope climbing was necessary. Yikes!

The Guide
When we started up the mountain, a local man joined the group - didn't say a word - just start following us. He was carrying a machete and wearing flip flops.

 An interesting combination, but he turned out to be an excellent guide. We are so glad that he led our guys to the top (for a tip).

View from the top

From the top looking southeast, you can see the town of Vaitape (bottom), anchorage at Bloody Mary's restaurant (left), and the island of Toopua (top) where Moondance is anchored. Just beautiful!

The Professionals
These local kids were impressive - they ran past our guys on the way to the other peak - one of them was barefoot!

Mt. Pahia is only 2169 feet, but to get there you had to travel along a path that is less than 2 feet wide. Not recommended for rookies!

So, if you want an adventure and some really good exercise, give it a try. We definitely recommend getting a guide!

Starting to get steep...

PS: Carol and I pooped out after a short distance and went shopping - good choice.


Tracey said...

Whew! Glad everyone made it okay. Looks like it was well worth the effort (once). Your pics are just gorgeous!

Sarah Powell Erickson said...

But what a view! And what great pictures. Thanks again for sharing your journey and torturing us with all that beauty and fun! S and D

Jeremy said...

Wow to the wow. Ya'll are in the most beautiful places I've ever seen. Seriously though, after all those great posts about how gorgeous and tranquil everything is, wasn't it about time something relatively bad happened? :P

Ana said...

Just when I think you can't amaze anymore, you do! It is so beautiful there!

Anonymous said...

Oh to be able to spend just one day with you two and soaking up the scenery what a site Doug you look so fit and almost like one the home town boys Mom