Sunday, February 27, 2011

Puerto Vallarta Excursion

We decided to bus into the city of Puerto Vallarta with the crew of Evergreen. It is a big city and it took us two buses to get there, but we had a wonderful time.
Sand sculpture

The Malecon along the El Centro district was beautiful.

Lots of shops, restaurants, cantinas, and tourists for sure.

We enjoyed the nice long walk and the sites along the way. 
More sand sculptures!

Several sand sculpture artists displayed their amazing work - just leave a tip if you liked what you saw.

Interesting chairs
The Malecon is also lined with very creative bronze statues - they just get better and better as you walk along.

Ride'em Cowboy
You just can't stop taking pictures of them - as you can tell.

Fortunately for you, I only posted a few of the photos!

Henry enjoying the view
Another wonderful part of Mexico, not many "NO" signs.

So have fun playing on the statutes!
Church on the plaza

And, of course, the beautiful La Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe church on the plaza.

The exterior is beautiful; the interior is amazing!

After all of the walking and sight-seeing, the gang needed a break and some refreshments.

Always easy to find a place - just be sure to negotiate your cerveza prices before ordering!
Lunch time - whew!

Doug shopping?  Not!
The Mercado Flea Market is an excellent place to shop for souvenirs and all kinds of cool Mexican stuff.

Never accept the price quoted - bargaining is part of the shopping experience.  Just start walking away...

Isla Cuale
The Isla Cuale was my favorite find - lots of shopping along the the river.

Be sure to have a margarita at the River Cafe. Beautiful setting and Happy Hour is from 2pm - 6pm every day!

Olas Altas

We finally made it to the Zona Romatica... The beautiful old town of Puerto Vallarta.

Fisherman Statue - loved it!

We are definitely going to have to return and explore this area further.

More shopping and restaurants in an old world setting. Next time - the gang was pooped.  Being a tourist is hard work.

Our return trip: 3 buses and a nap!


Jeremy said...

We went to PV for our honeymoon and had a blast. Loved talking people down for the merch! We went to 2 places for brewskis downtown and both times the beers we're $1. We thought that was pretty dang reasonable but if you got a better price, let me know. Glad ya'll are cruising like professionals and thanks for the tips!

Aimee said...

Hello Doug & Carla!
Looks like you had a great time! I love your pictures! Hope all is well.
Aimee & Ron

P.S. I need some pointers on posting pictures.. all mine always end up at the top!

Ana said...

Great fun! P.V. looks alot different than it did twenty some years ago! I'm really getting excited for you now, your crossing is pretty quick!

Crit said...

Hola Guys. It looks like you are managing to work in some fun times as per usual. Puerto Vallerta look really nice. I didn't realize one must negotiate servesa prices before hand though. Good tip. I too am getting excited for you two. Also Brian. It is going to be great.