Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bahía de Matanchén - San Blas

Well, our crossing from Isla Isabella was exciting, but what a beautiful day to be on the water!
Captain Doug

Just after leaving Isla Isabella, we hooked a Dorado - he was a beauty too. Just as I tried to gaff'em, it stole the hook.
One that got away!

We were so sorry to see our dinner swim away!

Evergreen cruising along
We were dodging fishing nets along the way, including the one that grabbed us.

Doug hopped in the water to release the line - a good excuse to get wet – but the line had all ready slipped past us. Good!

It was really nice to have s/v Evergreen cruising along beside of us. This Buddy Boating thing definitely has its benefits!

Sunset Bahía de Matanchén
We all made it safely to Bahía de Matanchén just in time to enjoy a beautiful sunset off the point.

San Blas Plaza
The next day, we hitchhiked (cruisers transportation) into San Blas.  Very nice of the locals to take us to town, but a tailgate would have been a bonus!

San Blas is a beautiful old town. We did some site-seeing, shopping, and had a very nice lunch.

Peaking into the New Church
San Blas has two churches on the plaza - the Old Church and the New Church (of course).

They are both amazing and right next to each other.

The Old Church

The Old Church was built by the Spanish in 1769 and was closed in 1872 and the bells silenced.

This inspired Henry Wadsworth Longellow to write the beauitful poem "The Bells of San Blas".

Statue on the Plaza
We spent a couple of days at Bahía de Matanchén and then traveled south to La Cruz, where we are currently anchored. We will probably be here until the end of March.

There is lots of excitement in La Cruz these days.

Hanging at the beach bar with Evergreen

There are approximately 110 boats registered for the Pacific Puddle Jump and most of them are hanging around here. 

We are working on projects, attending seminars, and lots and lots of socializing!


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Why does your last few words "lots and lots of socializing" not surprise us? :)
That's how we got from Mantenchen to San Blas too - but we had a tailgate!

Jeremy said...

Have I mentioned how unbelievably jealous I am at the amount of sun and surf that ya'll have. Well guess what? We're going to Hawaii in the fall so HOW BOUT DEM APPLES? I'm still jealous... :)