Monday, December 13, 2010

¡Tiempo del día de fiesta!

The holiday season has arrived in Mazatlan and we are enjoying it! The beautiful lights, decorations, and music - very festive.

If we weren't wearing shorts and flip flops and sitting in the sun, we just might think we were in the States - almost.

Daily, we think of our amigos up North as winter arrives (early) and are thankful we are in Maz - wish you were here too!

It is a very social time among the cruisers. Almost everyone (but us) sails south for warmer waters. So, there are lots of boats coming and going daily and we are always watching for old friends and making new ones.

We have been busy attending events and giving the newbies the grand tour of Maz. It has been our home for more than 3 months, so we consider ourselves to be experts (well kind of).

A couple of the highlights -

Queen Julie (s/v Itchen) invited several of us ladies over for a Christmas High Tea on her boat and we had a ball. Dressing up, wearing our bling, telling stories, and laughing, lots of laughing.

Attending the Nutcracker Ballet at the historic Angela Peralta Theatre. We enjoyed the ballet - especially the adorable mouse army - but the special treat was just sitting in the the beautiful old theatre and dining out at Mi Terreza with my hubby.

And, I got my first Christmas present - Doug installed my new wind generator and it works. What a gift!

Now, we can take advantage of the trade winds to help power Moondance all the way to the South Pacific.

Things are coming together!


Crit said...

I just can't figure out how you two get so much work done and play so much. Do you ever sleep? Great High Tea photos. I need to get Christmas decorations out!!!

Ana said...

Sounds like you are ready!!!