Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our Christmas Vacation

Off to deliver cookies
We spent our Christmas in La Paz and had a wonderful, crazy, time.

Steve and Ana were excellent hosts and we enjoyed every minute of our stay. There was always something going on, people to visit with, and plenty to eat and drink.

Our kind of place!

Party crowd!
We decided to throw a holiday party - a very big party - and invited everyone we knew.

They came! There was so much food and drink and so much to celebrate.

Barb and Bill - as sweet as they look!
We loved seeing our La Paz amigos again, plus a bunch of new cruisers from our old home port of Alameda.

We don't think there is anyone left in Alameda!

Cruisers Potluck
There is a lot going on in La Paz during the holidays. The local cruising community threw a Christmas Eve potluck and everyone showed. We made New Mexico posole and it was a big hit.

We should have made a double batch!

The gang at Tailhunters
A bunch of us decided to continue the party and headed to Tailhunters. It's Christmas Eve - why not?

As you can see, we had a blast.  So many stories - so little time.

Life is a beach!
Christmas day in the tropics, you got to head to the beach, so we did. We drove to Tecolote and enjoyed the sun, sand, cervezas, and lots of laughter.

Enjoying Christmas Day
Can't imagine a better way to spend Christmas Day or better company.

Back to Casa Ana for beef tenderloin and camotes for dinner, plus opening our gifts.  My best gift - Cleavage Coolers - hah!

Thanks Pam, I know I will appreciate them all the way across the South Pacific.

The Men
Our last night in La Paz was celebrated at Fern and Brian's beautiful home eating Turkey Buns - a new tradition for us. They were yummy and we didn't have to cook!

The Ladies
As you can see, a good time was had by all - especially the Ladies!

We were fortunate that the crews of Rainshadow and Sea Horse were sailing around La Paz and able to join us for the festivities. We had a wonderful time catching up with them and look forward to more.

Saying Goodbye to Sea Horse
Now, we are back in Maz and getting Moondance ready to sail away. Last big projects: exercising the new engine and getting our bottom painted. Then we are off to Banderas Bay and points South - yeah!

The challenge - saying Goodbye to family, friends, and places that we won't see for a very long time...


Sarah and Darrell said...

Great pictures - again! Hope we get one more chance to see you - hopefully we can be in El Cid by Jan 3rd. If not, we'll track you down. Happy New Year!

Brian and Dot said...

Hi guys!!! So nice to see you and we look forward to seeing you in La Paz. We got our new chart today!! Couldnt believe it, they mailed it Monday late afternoon and it arrived here today (Wed)!! So we plan to head to Mazatlan maybe Monday the 3rd!!! See ya soon!!!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

If I didn't like you two so much, I think I would hate you. Or maybe I just want to be you.


Crit said...

Great photos! A walk through the Holidays. So glad I got to see you two. I do miss you guys so much.
Thanks for Pancho Villa. He almost broke on out trip to Calita
Pardita. Thank God it was only a scare! Smooth Sailing, your amiga always!