Monday, September 20, 2010

Vacation Part IV - Alameda

Visiting Alameda and all of our Gate 11 Boat Buddies was such a treat, but it went way too fast!

Judy and Michael let us bunk with them on their beautiful sailboat, Milagro - we loved it.

We partied, played games, watched movies on their big screen TV, and spent lots of time just visiting.

Thanks Michael and Judy - your bunk on Moondance is waiting for you!

We have also got to spend lots of time with Steve and Ana on No Worries. Of course, it is never enough time, but it will hold us over until we all get back to Mexico.

See you there - it's going to be a hoot - promise!

We got to visit with lots of our Gate 11 buddies, which was wonderful. Even had time to throw one of our famous BBQ's.

Of course, we couldn't party as along as we used to - it was too cold and we are wimps and clothes challenged.

Several of our Boat Buddies are sailing on the Baja Ha Ha this year, so we enjoyed sharing our stories and tips. Hope they enjoy the adventure as much as we did.

Sail safe and looking forward to seeing you there!

Besides all of the socializing and visiting our old haunts, we completed all of our doctor visits, visited the French Consulate, and attended the Art and Soul Fest.

Dining highlights - dinner with our Amigos (and the endless box of Sake) at Couch Sushi and fresh Dungeness crab at Swan's Oyster Bar.

Miss all of our buddies and life in the big city!


Anonymous said...

It was so great to see you back in your old stomping grounds! See at Christmas time! Ana

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

No surprise to hear you partied! ;)

Crit said...

So how did it go with the French Consulate? I can hardly wait to see you guys, La Paz Maybe? Crit

Ness, Eric and Gavin said...

Love the picture of you, Doug and Ana. We need to fatten that girl up now that she is cancer-free! Hugs.