Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vacation Part I - Puerto Vallarta

It is only 273 miles from Maz to Puerto Vallarta, but it was quite an adventure which included:
  • 1 Go Cart
  • 2 Taxis
  • 2 Buses
  • 9 hours of travel
And, lots of tipping! We enjoyed the road trip though - we went up and down curvy mountain roads through beautiful jungle country - amazing!

Our buses weren't "premier" so are going to look for the fancy buses for the return trip, plus try for reservations so that we can sit together. Why not?

We stayed at the Flamingo Vallarta Hotel and Marina - very nice. Be sure to ask for the upper floors - great view plus very quiet.

We were a little overwhelmed by Puerto Vallarta (at least the part we saw). It is a big city with lots of tourists, hawkers, and very expensive.

Hopefully, next time we are in Puerto Vallarta we will get to explore the Old Town - we hear it is wonderful and cheaper - our kind of place.

We spent our time wandering around the restaurants and shops at the Marina. I think we could find just about anything we wanted to eat and drink - as long as we were willing to pay for it.

We had a good time in Puerto Vallarta, but we are glad that we decided to stay the summer in Maz!

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