Monday, June 7, 2010

Why we love Mexico!

We have only been in Mazatlan 2 days and we got invited to our first Mexican wedding!

We were hanging out at the pool at the El Cid resort (happy hour!) and noticed a bunch of young couples having fun, plus the party preparations on the lawn. So, I put it all together and said "wedding fiesta?".

We were immediately invited to join the evening festivities. Lesson - be careful who you invite - they might actually show up! Yup, this is us at the wedding. Cute couple, huh?

Once we had convinced the water taxi crew and party servers that we really had been invited, we had a wonderful time! Our new friends Malu, Alma, and many more made us feel very welcome and included us in the dancing, limbo, tequila shots, and the wedding events.

We are even invited to Malu's wedding in Torreón next March. We just might be there!

We are really enjoying being in Mazatlan again. We love wandering around the Centro Histórico area, which looks so much like New Orleans with the colonial style buildings. We have been visiting some of our favorite restaurants and cantinas and finding new ones, plus the locals treat us so well. We could live here for sure!

Our current plans... stay a few more days and then start sailing south to Puerta Vallarta. The #1 Yanmar diesal mechanic in Mexico is in Mazatlan and Doug has him trying to solve our engine problems. I hope he can figure it out!

Gavin - the iguana video is for you - they are very strange creatures.

Wish all of you were here to explore and enjoy Mexico with us!


Anonymous said...

Looks like Doug needs to loosen his hat band a bit.

Ana said...

Mazatlan looks great, it's been too long since we've been there. You two look fantastic! Hope Gavin doesn't mind, I watched his iguana video! Miss you guys