Monday, June 14, 2010

Still in Mazatlan...

And we just might be here for awhile! Discussions are underway on where will be spending our summer vacation - Mazatlan or Puerto Vallerta.

We love Mazatlan for sure! The people, food, shopping, transportation, etc., are all wonderful, plus we love exploring the historic old town.

We have been impressed with the Yanmar mechanics and costs for boat projects. Also, Mazatlan has a "drier" rainy season and fewer thunderstorms. All very important to us!

Stay tune - we will be making a decision soon!

While all of this thinking is going on, we are still finding time to have some fun - of course.

Lot of exploring to be done around here.

We enjoyed the Día de la Musica Fiesta - 6 stages and 20+ bands. All for free! The bands ranged from traditional Mexican to Techno to Golden Oldies with folks from all ages and lots of dancing. Our favorite - the Mariache bands!

We had to check out the Juarez market - Sundays only. Of course, it took us two buses to find it, plus some head scratching, but it was worth it. 12 blocks of everything for sale, plus lots of eats. Doug had a wonderful lunch of carne asada gorditas - yum.

We have also been spending lots of time at the pool and maximizing our funds at the Happy Hours - why not!


Anonymous said...

Our vote is for Mazatlan for sure! Much more beautiful, easier to walk around to interesting places, cheaper and way less Outback Steakhouse-type restaurants!

We'll be following your blog to see what you decide!

Anonymous said...

Oops sorry, that last comment was from Julia and Jacob, SV Pisces :)

Anonymous said...

Good to see a couple who make a plan and stick to it.

Percy Blodbott
s/v Maedae