Monday, April 11, 2016

Storm Chasers?

Definitely not us, but we have had our share of tracking them this year!

Since our return from New Zealand, the SPCZ has been active north of us and that always means trouble with a "Capitol T". Plus, our water temperatures are very warm - another bad sign.

We receive weather information from Port Denarau and Vuda Point Marinas, plus our research, and the scuttlebutt around Happy Hour.  So, we have lots of data - sometimes too much!

At one time, we had 3 tropical depressions we were watching.  The last one, Zena, actually turned into a cyclone but just for a short time as it swiftly passed Fiji.  But, after the all the worry and hype, it was a non-event.  Thankfully.  30+ winds for 3 hours and a just a little rain.  Amazing after all of that prep work and worrying.

Always good to see a rainbow!
The most wind we had was from an "unexpected low" that passed over bringing 45+ knots of wind.  No one was ready for that one.  One of the boats on the moorings unraveled its chain off of the mooring and drug over to C Dock.  Yikes.  After that, the marina closed the mooring field and everyone had to come to the dock or go up the mangrove creek.  Everyone worked together to get to the boats moved and secured.

We chose to stay on the dock - with lots of lines.  We were happy with the choice.  We were able to help other boats, plus walk around when the weather permitted.  Plus, it is very social on the dock.

Our biggest mistake, not buying beer and diet cokes when we could!  Plus, we ran out of fruit, veggies, and other interesting stuff.  We should have been better prepared - we have been spoiled by daily shopping.

Flooding was the worst part of all of this.  Nadi and Ba rivers breached their banks and the towns flooded.  The locals headed to the hills.  Nadi town reportedly had 11' of water in town.  Most of the businesses in Denarau Marina were closed - workers couldn't get thru the flooded areas.  The few businesses that were open serving limited menus and beer - yeah.  A good excuse for us to get off the boat.  The workers that were here had to sleep where they worked, but seemed to be well taken care of.

Sea Mercy sorting thru tons of stuff from New Zealand
First the cyclone and then the flooding.  Sea Mercy, plus all of the other charities, are going to be busy for a long time.

The Fijians are still smiling - they are amazing!

Hopefully, that is the last of our Storm Chasing for the year and we can go and have some island fun.

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